Want to Add Video to Your Content Strategy? Here Are 3 Tips To Maximize Your Quality

Photo by William Bayreuther on Unsplash

A lot of business owners want to add videos to their content strategy, and there’s good reason for it. Videos are a great way to increase engagement and provide a face behind a brand.

I frequently coach clients on capturing their best video at home. These three tips are my go-tos to get started.


While 85% of videos in the feed are viewed without sound, a viewer will react more negatively to low-quality audio than low-quality video.

The quickest way to create a great recording environment is to reduce echo and any distracting noises (think refrigerator hum, traffic, loud neighbors).

When I am setting up to record, I will place blankets on chairs around me (but out of frame). I will also usually prop up my mattress on a wall and put down a rug or a blanket. All of these precautions will dampen the echoes and give my sound more of that nice crispy podcast feel.

Once you’ve created a great environment, get the microphone as close to your mouth as possible without it being in frame.


Bad lighting doesn’t look dark, it looks grainy. You know those messy looking photos we used to take in bars (oh to have a beer and burger with friends again….)?

They look grainy because the camera did not have enough light.

Unlike the human eye, cameras need a ton of light to capture a clear image. If there is not enough light, the camera will artificially light the video (in photo jargon this is called raising your ISO).

Because the camera sensor cannot properly capture the image, you will get a pixelated and messy look.

A couple of easy ways to light your video is to film close to a window with indirect light, or buy a light to go behind your camera (FB marketplace usually has good deals).

Be sure to keep an eye that you’re not overexposing your image (parts of the shot will be ‘blown out’ or pure white) or creating harsh shadows (try buying a ring light or one with a diffuser).


The last aspect to consider is where you are filming.

What does the background say about you/your brand?

An easy way to create a good background is to buy a couple of used bookcases and fill them with books and curios that reflect your business.

You can also sit a couple of feet out from a blank wall, or throw some houseplants behind you.

If you don’t want to create a specialized background, try to ensure that the area behind you is clear of any laundry, dishes, dust bunnies, and family members dancing around.

Checking your sound, light & setting will instantly take your videos to the next level. You learn more about how to get better videos of yourself with this free email course.

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