This 1 Hack Will Make You Look Better on Video for Our Virtual World

A motion graphic by Emma Parker of a girl sitting in an office chair in front of a laptop holding a cup of coffee.
Image from yours truly 😉

In this (challenging, unprecedented, difficult, etc, etc) era we are spending a lot of time looking at our faces.

Whether it’s on Zoom meetings, social videos for our work or businesses, or virtual coffee hangouts, we spend hours staring back at that grainy image of our face.

And that’s unfortunate because most people don’t love the way they look on camera. I’m here to change that.

As a video creator I frequently coach clients on capturing their best video at home, and the biggest mistake I see is people place their cameras too low. Raising your camera to at or slightly above your eyeline does wonders for the human face.

When we record video below our eyeline, we look down. This not only does no favors for our jaw line, it makes us look sleepy and un-engaged.

When we raise our video to at or above our eyeline, a couple of great things happen. Our eyes open wider, which makes us look alert. Due to lens distortion, our cheekbones are accentuated. Our jawlines look stronger.

This creates a positive feedback loop that increases our confidence, which in turn makes us look better on video.

Video is a daily tool for work and socializing. Bringing confidence to the camera will keep your days bright until we can get together again.

Empowering small business owners with video tips on Medium. Freelance video creator for socially and environmentally responsible for-profit brands 🌿

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